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Jane Jetson Costumes

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Are you a young attractive housewife, mother of two, who loves shopping and owning the latest gadgetry? Do you have a housekeeper and modern appliances yet feel overwhelmed at times? You sound a lot like a TV mom that many of us know and love: Jane Jetson!

As George's wife and Judy and Elroy's mother Jane faced many of the same challenges in her futuristic life as many of today's women. While she may not have done much to push the boundaries of the role of women in society on the show, she was included in Yahoo!'s Top 10 TV Moms from Six Decades of Television. And most would argue today that getting the role of mom right mean you're winning.

If you'd like to dress a little more like your 2062 counterpart, consider trying on a Jane Jetson costume. Her sassy sense of style helped her remain fabulous even when taking care of everyday household tasks or volunteering time in her community.