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Woody Woodpecker Costumes

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What is that constant rapping that is coming from the window, it was driving me nuts this morning! Chances are, it was that darn woodpecker, Woody! Woody may be kind of a nuisance because of his wacky behavior and obnoxious laugh, but you have to admit, he does have a lovable quality about him! Who could forget the time Woody dressed up as a police man and went over Niagra falls in a wooden barrel, or the time that Woody got tricked into babysitting a baby gorilla? Nonetheless, Woody Woodpecker is always getting himself into some hairy situations, but he always manages to get out okay, and now you can do the same for Halloween!

Now you can become a popular, yet debatably, one of the most annoying classic screwball cartoon characters when you wear one of these Woody Woodpecker costumes. As Woody Woodpecker, you have free reign to annoy anybody and everybody at the party. Start practicing the classic "Ha-ha-ha-HAA-ha!" laugh so you can bust it out every time you do something mischievious and you must do lots of mischievious things, afterall, it's the night of tricks and treats! You can make a cute cartoon couple if you pair a Woody costume with one of our unique Winnie Woodpecker costumes! We have an exclusive Winnie the Woodpecker costume that is totally cute and officially licensed!