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Devil Ani-Motion Mask

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Devil Ani-Motion Mask
Devil Ani-Motion Mask
Devil Ani-Motion Mask alt 1
Devil Ani-Motion Mask alt 2
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Product Information

Items Included
  • Mask
  • Self-Adhesive Foam Pads
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Mask is molded plastic covered w/ soft foam for realistic look
  • Held in place w/ Hook and Loop fastener straps
  • Foam pads can be placed as needed for fit & comfort

Don't have the patience to chemically peel and then age your skin by 1,000 years? Are realistic horn implants just a little too out of your current budget? Tried to get your teeth chiseled down into points, but were turned away by both your dentist and the weird guy who hangs out in the alleyway behind the grocery store? You might think this means that your brilliant idea for a devil costume has been ruined, but wait! There's another option!

This Devil Ani-Motion Mask will give you the horrifying, inherently evil appearance you desire, and all without any of the effort of permanently altering your face, teeth, ears, or skull! You can easily put this mask on and slip it right off without any of the extra hassle of costly and painful non-medically-necessary plastic surgery! Straight from the depths of the underworld, this costume mask even moves its mouth when you move yours - it's terrifying to watch! Congrats - looks like all your hellish, demonic dreams have finally come true, friend!

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