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Inuit Costumes

Who are the Inuit? The name describes any of the indigenous tribes of the arctic regions in Siberia, Alaska, Canada & Greenland. Specific tribal names include Yupik, Inupiat, Inuit & Kalaallit.


Inuit peoples live in a harsh climate, and their ancestors learned many ways to survive. They made clothing from animal hides and fur. They ate a diet high in protein and fat. And they learned to hunt and fish for large mammals such as whales, seals, polar bears and caribou. They trained dogs as companions, hunting helpers, and beasts of burden.


As a result, we have stereotyped images of fur-clad people yelling "mush!" at the dogs pulling their sleds. Why do they yell "mush!" anyway? Actually, Eskimos don't and never did. Modern sled dog racers don't either. "Mush" is an English corruption of the French word "marche" which just means "go." It was used by French-Canadian voyageurs who learned dog-sledding from the Inuit. Modern English-speaking racers use the command "hike" to start their teams.


Our collection of Inuit costumes might not help you survive an arctic winter, but they will evoke its imagery. Most have faux-fur trim that suggests cold weather. But many also have sexy touches that, frankly, wouldn't be practical in the arctic tundra. Short skirts, form-fitting bodices.


So, if you're planning an actual arctic expedition, you might not want our costumes. But if you're attending a winter-themed costume party, they're perfect!