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The 1970s are back! With our disco and hippie costumes, you can bring that crazy era to the present. With styles for men, women, and even a whole selection of 70s plus size outfits, you can create a look that's primed for Woodstock... or the next dance contest at the discotheque. Just make sure you grab one of our wigs to complete your look. The 60s and 70s were all about wild hair!
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Mens Disco Ball Shirt
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Women's Wild Flower Dress Costume 70s
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Girl's Pink Pop Singer Costume
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Womens Sexy Groovy Go Go Costume
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Womens Far Out Flower Dress Costume
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1960s Paisley Hippie Costume
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70s Wild Flower Dress Costume Plus Women's
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Infant Disco Ball Costume
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Women's Starflower Hippie Costume
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Women's Halter Money Print Jumpsuit
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Womens Hippie Hottie Costume
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Mens Dazzling Disco Shirt
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Women's Flower Child Costume
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Adult Groovy Flower Power Costume
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Women's Hippie Poncho
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Adult Elegant Flapper Costume
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Men's Plus Size Woodstock Hippie Costume
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Mens Shattered Glass Disco Shirt
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Adult Ladybot Costume
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Free Spirit Hippie Women's Costume
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World Peace Women's Hippie Costume
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Holographic Disco Pants for Men Plain UPD
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Women's Peace Mini Dress Costume
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Holographic Disco Pants for Kids
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Women's Silver Queen Disco Costume
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Girls Woodstock Flower Hippie Costume
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Women's Striped Jumpsuit
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Men's Silver Disco Ball Tuxedo Costume
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Plus Size Dazzling Disco Pants
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Women's Plus Size Disco Babe Costume
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Women's Plus Size Fringe Hippie Costume
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Mens Deluxe Mac Daddy Pimp Costume
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Plus Size Autumn Flower Hippie Costume
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Dazzling Disco Dude Toddler Costume
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Infant 60s Swinger Costume
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Adult Autumn Flower Hippie Costume
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Plus Size Flower Child Costume
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Toddler 60s Swinger Costume
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Womens Hippie Costume Vest
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Women's Woodstock Hippie Costume
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Kids Dazzling Disco Dude Costume
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Shattered Glass Disco Shirt for Kids
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Mens Plus Size Dazzling Disco Shirt
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Women's Plus Size Disco Doll Costume
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Women's Plus Size 70's Free Spirit Costume
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Plus Size Wild Flower 70s Retro Dress Costume
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Boys Woodstock Hippie Costume
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Women's Rainbow Rave Disco Costume
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Patchwork Hippie Costume Women's
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Toddler Fringe Hippie Costume
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Dancing Queen Women's Pants
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Kid's Autumn Flower Hippie Costume
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Womens Sexy Gold Flare Jumpsuit Costume
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We remember the 70s like they happened yesterday. We still have all of our 8-tracks. We still have our platform shoes. Heck, we still have our Pet Rock hanging around. Some call us crazy—they say we’re living in the past. But you know what we say? The past was awesome, so who cares? Just point us to the nearest roller disco and we know a good time is ahead.

From hot disco mamas to those hippies that stuck around after flower power, we love everything about the 70s, so you don’t have to be shy about your love of the decade with us! We have 70s costumes and 60s costumes you can wear to a retro party, that let you get your groove on at the roller-disco and, of course, 70s outfits that’ll make you feel like starting up a drum circle. Platform shoes and cool shades? We got them. Hot pants, the kind James Brown was so fond of? They’re here. 70s disco makeup and or 70s hippie makeup? check! We have everything short of a time machine to get you back to that by-gone era, so if that's where you're looking to go, be sure to spend some time in our selection of 70s and 60s costumes. They're dyno-mite! How To

70's Costume Ideas

Some people just weren’t meant for today’s world. Sure, these days we have the immense calculating power of smartphones, blistering speeds of streaming video and even the most hi-tech video games, but there’s just something about the past that seems so alluring. Maybe it’s the bell-bottom jeans. Maybe it’s the shaggy hairstyles. Maybe it’s the funky disco music that was constantly floating around in the air. Maybe it was the fact that Star Wars came from that era. Whatever it was, the 70s was a magical time for anyone involved. Anyone who set foot on the dance floor under a disco ball knows what we’re talking about, but just because the 70s have come and gone, doesn’t mean you have to wallow in misery. You can relive the past with great 70s outfits. With a look straight from the 70s, you can cultivate a groovy experience that will have you shakin’ your groove thang in no time. We’ve even put together this handy little guide to perfecting your 70s theme costume. Just check out some of our ideas for 70s outfits below! You’ll find costume ideas for men, women, and even kids.

70's Clothes: Respect the Vest

Sleeves? We’ve never thought that sleeves were all that necessary to the equation of finding a good outfit, at least not when picking outerwear. They help you look cool, while they keep your arms cool and your body at the perfect temperature. Any outfit for guys should include the iconic 70s vest and we have many different outfits for those who are trying to harness the full potential of the vest.

Men's 70's Vest

70s Men's Fashion Vest

You’re not some kind of jive turkey! You’re a smooth groovin’ dude who deserves the kind of vest that’ll show off your cool guy status, whether you’re planning on shakin’ your booty on the dance floor or not. This 70s costume look is reminiscent of Eric Foreman from the popular sitcom, That ‘70s Show, and he’s one cool cat! Use it to create your own costume based on that character, or just chill around in your own basement in this vintage sweater vest.

70's Disco Fashion

70s Disco Fashion

It’s time to suit up! Nothing says commitment to the vest like a 70s vest and pants combo that match. It tells all the mamas and the papas that you have style, but you know how to coordinate. This vest costume is an exclusive 70s outfit made by our very own costume designers, so you’ll have a great look for a night out. You’ll look ready for a hot date night, or a night of grooving at the club! Just make sure to don a pair of fancy loafers to really put the finishing polish on your 70s outfit.

70's Outfits for Women

Ladies, are you trying to decide on something to wear for a 70s party, but have no idea where to start? Then let’s take a look at some pretty basic disco outfits that will cover all the bases. The 70s encompasses a lot of different styles, which means you can choose slightly more subtle looks, or go completely all out. These first few costumes are for those who are just trying to dip their toes into 70s fashion.

Cool in Calico

Cool in Calico

Colorful is always a great way to go when selecting from all the 70s outfit ideas because that decade was full of vibrant options. And we aren’t talking about the shag carpet or the avocado-colored refrigerators! This particular hippie girl costume uses bright greens for a unique style that will make you stand out at any costume party. That added headband brings a cute accent into the mix, so all you have to do is get yourself a 70s haircut (or maybe one of our 70s wigs) and you’ll be ready to spread the love.

Bell Sleeves and Bell Bottoms

Bell Sleeves and Bell Bottoms

Let’s talk about bell sleeves. They help give you that flowing, fluttering movement that pairs perfectly with all the best disco moves. It’s not surprising that the style didn’t last. Despite looking amazing during dancing, the extra fabric can get in the way of normal activities. However, if you want a great dancing outfit, then look no further than this 70s disco girl costume for women.

70's Costumes for Women

Disco fashion in the 70s was all about one thing, shining! People talk about blinging today, but women back then knew all about how to create a look that sparkles and shines. Dazzling silvers and glimmering golds were a must when it came to any disco dress. Sequins? You can never have too many. Faux fur trim. You’d better believe it! Well, we’ve come up with some of the best costumes that exemplify the blinging nature of many of the 70s clothes.

Disco Outfits for Women

Disco Outfit for Women

All that glitters is not gold… that’s because some of it is silver! This exclusive costume makes use of plenty of silver sequins to ensure that you light up like a diamond when you’re under the flashing lights of the discotheque. It comes with mesmerizing patterns in front, along with a matching sequined shawl.

Disco Diva Costume

Disco Diva for Women

People always tell us to invest in gold. How about this gold disco diva costume? This costume just looks like straight value, with that flashy gold exterior that shimmers and shines with every step you take. People won’t even notice the disco ball when you’re stealing the show on the dance floor in this 70s disco costume.

70's Disco Outfits for Men

John Travolta taught us just how awesome a man could look when he puts on a white leisure suit in Saturday Night Fever. Once we caught a glimpse of those iconic scenes, we just knew that we have to search the scene for all the best disco costume ideas. So, here are some of the best disco outfits for men. We’ve covered all the bases, from a full-on suit to some stylish shirts that bring an iconic look that should fit the bill for any disco dude looking to send his look back a few decades.

Men's Disco Costumes

Disco Suits

Oh, sweet mama! Leisure suits. They’re one part fun and one part business. They may be the greatest 70s outfits that existed and it’s now available for you jive cats. This snazzy version of the disco suit is a bright and tropical green color that ought to match your colorful personality. Don’t worry, though, if green really isn’t your color, this 70s Halloween costume also comes in a vibrant orange color that should knock your socks off with ease.

Disco Costume Shirt

Disco Costume Shirt

This shirt has everything that made the 70s clothes great designed right into it. It has the over-exaggerated collar, a staple of the decade. It has a button-up front, so you can show off your manly chest hair. It has shiny, psychedelic colors spiraling all over the front. The only thing missing with this shirt is the studly man-torso to go inside of it. That you’re going to have to provide! Add it to any of our men’s 70s costumes and you’re going to be one dapper disco dude.

70's Dresses

Hey there, funky mama! Fashion has changed since the 70s, but something about those disco dresses from back then will never lose their allure. We carry a wide array of 70s dresses based on the style from the old days, ranging from mod chic to glamorous, and rich disco. We’ve selected a few of our favorites for you to check out below. And make sure you have a pair of 70s shoes ready! Platform shoes, perhaps?

70's Floral Dress

Funky Floral Dress

The Mod scene started in the 60s, but you can still see some of the culture’s influence into the 70s. This funky floral dress provides you with a dazzling floral pattern that can steal the scene on any dance floor. It looks great with a pair of go-go boots and a poofy bouffant hairstyle, so make sure to find the perfect costume shoes and a 70s wig to really complete your style.

Disco Dress

Disco Dress

The other route to go when selecting a dress from the 70s is elegant and high class. This rich purple disco ball diva dress brings lush colors and sparkling accents to create a look that shines on the dance floor. It’s another exclusive costume designed by our costume experts, so you can rest assured that this is a quality 70s disco outfit that will look great at any vintage party.

70's Costumes for Boys

Kids just don’t have the kind of appreciation for history that adults do. They probably think that all the adults were dancing with dinosaurs back in the 70s, so maybe it’s about time that you gave them a proper education on the past with a historical look from the age of disco. We’ve rounded up a few 70s costumes for boys that should help you teach the young ones just what the decade was all about. You can finally show them what a world without smartphones, tablets, and hi-res video games is like. And now you can finally teach them about disco dancing and vinyl records!

Boy's Hippie Costume

Hippie Boy Costume

Does your little boy love love? Does he like walking around barefoot in the mud while humming a happy tune? Well, then perhaps he should give the hippie life a try. This hippie boy costume gives your kid the kind of look that will have him feeling right at home when he’s kicking around a hacky sack at the next music festival. It also might give him the desire to put on some folk music and throw up the peace sign at his next 70s costume party.

Boy's Disco Costume

Boy's Funky Disco Costume

Some boys are laid back. They’re content living the hippie lifestyle. Other kids? Well, they got ants in their pants and they need to dance! This funky disco costume for boys brings your child the kind of outfit suitable for some high energy footwork under the disco ball. The shiny pants and shirt combination are a wild and dazzling look that any kid with a few dance moves to spare is going to want to wear.

70's Costumes for Girls

The boys can’t have all the fun! There’s also a large selection of looks for girls who want to head back in time to the 70s. Whether your little girl is looking to shake it up on the dance floor like a pro, or she just wants to follow her dreams of being a down to the earth hippie, we’ve got a great look she can wear. Just check out a few 1970s costumes for girls we have below.

Disco Girl Costume

Disco Girl Costume

She’s a dancing queen! This 70s disco girl costume has a look that should have your little girl playing the role of ruler of the dance floor. Of course, make sure to put a few ABBA songs on the playlist so she can make her grand entrance to the shindig. You may just need a tiara for your young disco queen.

70's Girls Costume

Girls 70s Dress Costume

This girl’s hippie costume gives your child the other spectrum of the 70s as an option. Maybe your girl has no interest in being a dancing queen, but she does want to put a few flowers in her hair while she runs barefoot through the park. We think that’s a cool way of life too! This 70s hippie costume lets her do just that. Monster