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Catwoman Costumes

Catwoman is a DC Comics character that walks a dangerous line between associating as a heroine or a villain. Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle in the comic book series, is known for having a disheartening past that plays into her often confused character. She is known for assisting Batman when up against bigger threats, but she has also been known to fight against Batman as well. She strolls the same Gotham streets as Batman and sometimes the two meet up for a nighttime brawl.

This feisty vigilante is known for kicking butt in her skin tight black catsuit. Her weapon of choice is a black leather whip. She is also extremely skilled in gymnastics and hand to hand combat. She is also empathetic to all felines. Our sexy black Catwoman costumes are flattering and come in an assortment of sleek bodysuits. Check out our accessories to really stand out.

Become the infamous Catwoman with any of our Catwoman costumes. We have several different styles that represent the various movies, comics and other roles you've seen this popular Batman character in.