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Santa's workshop would come to a halt without elves! And our culture would be without movies like Elf or Santa Claus: The Movie. We wouldn't have Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer or Prep & Landing. Books such as The Christmas Tree Elf or The Elf on the Shelf might not exist. Christmas just wouldn't be quite as much fun.


So if you're going to have Santa Claus at your party, be sure to have an elf or two also. Our elf costumes range in size from infant to adult plus, and come in styles from traditional to sexy. Once you've picked your costume, add a big Santa bag for distributing presents. Some jingle bells. A pair of elf shoes with curled, pointed toes.


Then it's time for elf practice. Yes, just like Rudolph's friends do. Practice wiggling your ears and nose. Work on your giggles and titters. Then put on some Christmas music and get busy making toys!


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