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1 - 60 of 291
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Men's Sexy Clown Costume
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Girl's Mime Costume
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Kids Giddy Gothic Clown Costume
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Girl's Snots Of Fun Clown Costume
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Toddler Giddy Gothic Clown Costume
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Women's Sheer Clown Costume
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Women's Big Top Babe Costume
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Toddler Pinafore Clown Costume
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Girls Infant Kooky Lil Clown Costume
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Girls Pinafore Clown Costume Dress
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Plus Size Mime Costume
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Girl's Vintage Clown Costume
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Clever Lil' Clown Toddler Costume
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Womens Harley Jester Costume
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Women's Haute Harlequin Costume Plus Size
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Harlequin Costume Women's Haute
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Women's Chiffon Harlequin Costume
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Child Mesmerizing Mime Costume
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Women's Mime Costume
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Men's Vintage Pierrot Clown Costume
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Women's Pastel Diamond Clown Costume
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Cute Court Jester Women's Costume
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Cute Court Jester Plus Size Women's Costume
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Women's Diamond Flare Clown Costume
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Girl's Vintage Clown Costume
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Toddler Carnival Cutie Costume
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Toddler Mime Costume update
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Mime Costume
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Infant Clowning Around Costume
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Child Clown Costume
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Child Mime Costume
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Womens Red Basic Bodysuit
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Vintage Pierrot Clown Womens Costume
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Girls Carnival Cutie Costume
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Toddler Carnival Clown Costume
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Red Clown Wig
Child White Gloves
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What is it about clowns? Sometimes they make us chuckle, sometimes they're just plain cute and other times, they give us the willies. The clothes, the makeup, the multi-colored hair; it's hard to say just which of these things give those jokers their charm. Whatever it is, we just can't seem to get enough of them, whether they're cramming themselves into a tiny car, or invading our dreams to terrorize us, which is why we've brought together the greatest selection of clown costumes for you! 

With our selection of clown costumes and accessories, you can find every kind of clown, joker, harlequin, jester and all around prankster here. Every kind of clown makeup, rainbow wig and squirting bow tie? It's here. How about that creepy stuff, like one of those clowns from your childhood nightmares? He's here too. Any kind of clown you want to be, whether you need a birthday clown or need to search our selection of clown Halloween costumes, we have you completely covered. How To

Clown Costume Ideas

Well, you've made it through the first page of Clown costumes, and by now you've probably figured out that we're not clowning around about these clowns! That's right, going in a costume clown, despite the laughter, is a serious affair, and whether you intend to be a horror movie villain or even if you have more lighthearted intentions, we have gathered a few tips and tricks to make your costume experience all the better! Scroll below for tip-top Big Top choices of the most popular costumes, our favorite clown accessories, a make-up tutorial, and for good measure, we've even included some of our favorite (hilarious) jokes. Because what's the point of elaborate costume preparations if you can't get a few laughs! (We told ya we're not clownin' around with this stuff!) We want to make sure you have all the nitty gritty info that's going to let you go all out and make your event the best ever. So, whether you're planning for Halloween, a horror movie fest, or even looking to provide the entertainment at a child's party, make sure you brush up on this media section for a thorough whats-up with clowns. Because it's going to take more than a red nose to get this one right!

Clown Halloween Costumes

Of course, when we talk about movie clowns, we're going to include The Joker and Harley Quinn. The evil-doing clown couple of the DC Universe tore up the screen in The Dark Knight and Suicide Squad, respectively, so we're hoping we get to see plenty more of them on screen in the future. Of course, for good measure, we also have some of your favorite horror movie clowns in for good measure. Because what fun is a scary flick without an evil clown?

Joker Clown Mask

Adult Joker Clown Mask

We're not sure why The Joker needs to wear a Clown mask for a robbery, but after watching Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark__Knight, we're on board with whatever director Christopher Nolan wants to do! You can create a Joker bank robbery costume with this signature mask, or create your own sad clown costume. We're sure you won't have any difficulties pulling off an elaborate heist, or even just stealing the show at your big party. Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for Batman!

Pennywise Mask

Pennywise Mask

Leave it to Stephen King to cook up a clown that's not just a villain, but a monster shapeshifting demon intent on terrorizing the young children of a small Maine town. Like clowns weren't already creepy enough! The 1990 film firmly established clowns as a horror genre fixture, and if you'd like to be the frightening titular character, make sure you pick up this creepy Pennywise mask to go with our authentic costume or with a DIY costume. With styling straight from the classic film, you'll be ready to bring back all of the terrifying action.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume

Deluxe Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn has been the Jester clown queen of the DC Comics universe for quite a few years, and she finally made her on-screen appearance, portrayed by Margot Robbie, in 2016's Suicide Squad. This signature costume for women is inspired by the movie, and it's sure to be just the right style for you if you want to be a little crazy and sexy at the same time. Make sure you bring a few prop weapons like her bat to really show that you're menacing!

Captain Spaulding Mask

Captain Spaulding

We're still not sure if Captain Spaulding was like actually a clown, or if he just wore clown makeup in House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects because he was full-on crazy, but either way, if you're into Rob Zombie's masterful horror flicks, this classic character is sure to be an apt choice for your costume fun. Just, please, try not to lure in any unsuspecting victims towards your murderous family.

Scary Clown Costumes

Of course the scary clowns from your movie nightmares are already worthy costume creations, but if you're looking to really amp up the scare factor we have several nightmarish and terrifying clown costumes that flat out bring the terror and melee to life. Be warned when you peruse these selections, they're our favorite scary clown costumes, but these are most definitely not the ones you're going to want to be choosing if there are going to be any kids around!

Dark Jester Costume

Dark Jester

Tried and true, Jester costumes are a perennial Halloween favorite. But what if this court clown was just a little bit...darker? This costume imagines what it would be like if a wicked ghoul took over the court. And instead of doing the official job of entertaining the king and queen, we think that this dark jester would be spending his time culling the king's court! Choose this wicked costume to add a little renaissance flair to your costume theme.

Giggles Costume

Giggles Costume

This Creature Reacher edition costume puts some serious fright into a classic terrifying trope costume. It features zany over-sized molded hand props that will seriously add a little reach to your terrifying ways. (You just have to grip the handles inside to pull off the effect.) And the elaborate latex mask with synthetic hair captures the frightening look of this terrifying character, and for good measure, there's even a fake oversized pistol weapon attached to the right hand. Yeah, we think that Giggles the Clown is ready to bring the pain!

Inflatable Clown Costume

Inflatable Costume

Since clowns already loom larger than life in our nightmares, why not up the ante on your night of terror by trying this inflatable clown costume! Complete with a battery operated fan to give you a large-and-in-charge appearance all night long, the super-sized costume also features a splattered blood paint detail and a chilling latex mask to complete the costume effect. With you standing out in this costume, we're sure you're going to be the star of the party.

Killer Clown Costume

Last Laugh Costume

Why not up the ante even further on your diabolical hijinks by trying out this wicked costume. Featuring an ani-motion latex mask that actually moves along with your own facial movements underneath, you'll be able to terrorize and delight horror fans with your maniacal laugh and torturous taunting. A classic black baggy jumpsuit complements the mask, and you can add a toy cleaver for an even more dramatic effect. Just try not to be too sharp with those taunts; we don't want you to give your friends actual nightmares!

Classic Clown Costumes

Classic clowns come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can take iconic elements like white make-up, a clown nose, and a silly wig, and with a little bit of personal flair make a unique character that will go any direction you choose! These are a sampling of some of our favorite classic clown costumes for men and women. You might see one of these characters at the circus, the rodeo, or even on a beloved children's television show. They're the tested, tried and true, and timeless characters that will be instantly recognizable in any situation.

Mime Costume

Mime Costume

Like to mime? Marcel Marceau perfected the "art of silence." Well known worldwide for his stage persona as "Bip the Clown," you can go as Bip or any other Parisian inspired mime when you go in our exclusive mime costume for men. Practice your moves to ensure that your body language is perfect, and practice sealing your lips to make sure any words don't slip up. Also, we'd really highly recommend remembering to practice being in an invisible box. Everyone always loves that one!

Big Top costume

Big Top costume

For a look that would be right at home on a television show, underneath the big top at a traveling circus, or for being the entertainment at a child's birthday party, this costume for men has the timeless elements that any performer would be ready to goof around in. If you're handy with balloons you can create balloon animals, or if that sounds a little tricky, just grab a horn to honk and get ready to tell some hilarious stories.

Rodeo Clown Costume


Clowns are timelessly associated with performing at Rodeos, and with the high octane action of these western shows, they provide a little bit of comic relief for the dangerous performances of the bull riders and calf ropers. If you'd like to be one of these classic rodeo arena performers, this iconic costume will give you just the right style to hop in there with the bucking broncos. And don't fret just because there's a bullseye on this costume, we're sure you'll be safe unless you actually hop over that fence!

Moppie Clown Costume


This Moppie clown costume for women will turn any lady into a fun-loving character who is ready to delight and entertain children around the world! Maybe you'll be the coolest member of the circus circuit or even star in your own reality TV show, but whatever kind of character backstory you create with this costume, we're sure that you're going to be a star! Use this classic look to stand out at your event or to go with your friends as a group theme of a Circus troupe!

Clown Costume Accessories

Any true clown knows that the devil is in the details. And whether wickedly inspired or just planning for a traditional clown party, with absolutely no intentions of going on a horror movie rampage, you're going to want to have all the right clown accessories to make sure your costume is top notch. You're going to need the red nose of course, but there's a few other signature looks from the craft that you can add to your look to make sure that your clown style is on point.

Clown Shoes

Blue and Red Clown Shoes

Oversized clown shoes are almost as important to the overall effect as the clown nose, so make sure you have a pair of kicks that will make your feet look comically cool. This pair has a rigid shape, so you won't have to worry about the extended toe box flopping around, and they feature a vibrant color scheme that works with a variety of looks. Sounds like the perfect accessory to us!

Clown Makeup Set

Clown Makeup Set

A clown without makeup, well, that really wouldn't be much of a clown at all! Make sure you have all the effects to turn yourself into a circus performer when you pick up this deluxe set. With the typical white base to start you out, you'll be able to use the rest of the included colors to customize your face with whatever your imagination can dream up!

Clown Horn

Metal Clown Horn

We don't know what a clown performance without a horn would be like...and frankly we don't want to know! A staple of the routine is of course blasting the obnoxious horn at any and every opportunity; so of course, you're going to want to make sure you have this accessory as a part of your arsenal. HONK HONK HONK!

Clown Nose

Clown Nose

When it comes to clowning and joking around, there's really just one simple, iconic accessory that says it all—the red nose! Whether you'd like to be the happiest clown in the world, or even if you'd like to be a murderous villain intent on doling out some vengeance, the best and only way to complete your makeup effect is with the simple sponge slip on nose. This timeless accessory will work with any costume ensemble! Monster