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Cleopatra Halloween costumes are a favorite for a reason. Who wouldn't want to take a swing at becoming one of the most legendary rulers in history? Especially a ruler with such a great wardrobe! Women of all ages can step up to the throne. Girl's Cleopatra costumes are studded with a royal dose of gold and turquoise, perfect for school parties. On the other hand, sexy Cleopatra costume can feature sheer fabrics and dramatic cuts!
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Women's Sexy Cleo Costume
All Powerful Cleopatra Women's Costume
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Toddler Queen of the Nile Costume
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All Powerful Cleopatra Plus Size Womens Costume
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Women's Cleopatra Pantsuit
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Egyptian Pharaoh Costume
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Egyptian Pharaoh Costume

Golden Cleopatra Womens Costume
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Women's Sheer Cleopatra Costume
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Child's Queen of the Nile Costume
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Cleo Cat Costume Women's
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Girls All Powerful Cleopatra
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Girls All Powerful Cleopatra

Women's Pantsuit Cleopatra Costume
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Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume
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Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume

Metallic Gold Face Makeup
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Egyptian Staff Costume Accessory
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Women's Bastet Cat Purse
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Deluxe Cleopatra Wig
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Cleopatra Headpiece Accessory
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Adult Warrior Sandals
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Women's Warrior Sandals

Child Warrior Sandals
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Girls Warrior Sandals


Do you want to take control this Halloween? Cleopatra Halloween costumes are a great way to become elegant and powerful all at once! You'll feel ready to take on all your little subjects whether they're dressed up as Roman soldiers or werewolves and witches. After all, respect for Queen Cleopatra is universal! 

That royal respect even applies to the mini queens. After all, there are plenty of kid Cleopatra costumes out there. Once your little girl is wearing the wide gold collar and is walking with a billowing gauze cape behind her, there's not much distance between her and the last queen of Egypt!

While gold accents and lightweight fabric are standard, girl's Cleopatra costumes come in a variety of styles. Choose between colorful shiny costumes or a more realistic ensemble. Even all gold Cleopatra costumes come in two different styles. Our Made By Us costume are created with quality and detail in mind so if you're looking for child Cleopatra costumes that can be worn more than once, they're a great choice. That way, the same costume can be used for dress-up, trick-or-treating, and a school report! 

There's a reason that dressing up as Cleopatra is so popular. The costumes Cleopatra wore back in the day were recorded with gusto by the scribes of the time. This queen knew all about pageantry and relished making an entrance. Her reputation is going strong in our modern world. The Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra costumes from the 1963 film were some of the most expensive in Hollywood history. It was all worth it though because it made this movie a source to return to for fashion enthusiasts to this day. In fact, if you're putting together Marc Antony and Cleopatra costumes for your couple's costume, you may want to visit this movie for a little inspiration. Elizabeth Taylor will surely convince you to take your eye makeup up a notch or two!

Of course, we don't all have Hollywood budgets. No one has to layer themselves in pounds of gold like Elizabeth Taylor to put together sexy Cleopatra costumes. With flowing robes and unique cuts, there are styles that will flatter every body type and make anyone feel like a queen. 

Here are just a few styles of Halloween costumes Cleopatra would approve of. There's the bodysuit layered under a sheer dress for an enticing look that wouldn't made Caesar stop in his tracks while keeping the queen ready for court. There are mini dresses. low cut gowns, there's even a white pantsuit with gold trim! Women Cleopatra costumes have come a long way from the shapeless togas and gold jewelry of the past!

Are you planning on pairing up for your next costumed event? There are plenty of group and couples costumes once you tap into Egyptian history! Bend time and dress up in Cleopatra and King Tut costumes. The gold and black Egyptian headdress paired with Cleopatra's unmistakable style would be a couple's costume to remember! 

Of course, if you want to pay tribute to one of the most remembered love stories in history, Antony and Cleopatra costumes make a great choice. Just be sure and make sure you've got your costumes right. When you're pairing Cleopatra and Marc Anthony costumes, you'll want to check out our historical Roman costumes for Anthony. A heavily armored gladiator costume will make your date look like the Roman General that stole the queen of Egypt's heart. 

Are you ready to take on one of the most iconic royal roles of history? We bet you are! Remember to top off your Cleopatra costume with the right accessories. A wig will help you create her perfectly cut bangs or neat twists. Golden gladiator sandals and snake accessories will ass another noble hint to your royal identity. Go ahead and step up to the throne this Halloween. There's no room in your royal chariot for hesitation!