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It's a full moon. The mist is gathering. And suddenly, throughout the Halloween night, there's a piercing howl! Werewolf costumes are the perfect way to celebrate the spooky season! While we have plenty of super scary werewolf costumes you can keep it light with werewolf costumes for kids and babies as well. Ready to transform on the next full moon? Order now and the costume of your choice will be there in the wag of a tail!
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1 - 60 of 151
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Costume Women's Wolf Plus Size
Made By Us Exclusive
Kids Wily Werewolf Costume update
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Women's Black Wolf Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Costume Girl's Wolf
Made By Us Exclusive
Girl's Werewolf Coat Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Grey Wolf Costume Women's
Made By Us Exclusive
Child Brown Werewolf Costume
Sale - 13%
Infant Brown Werewolf Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Ruff and Tumble Werewolf Women's Plus Size
Sale - 17% Made By Us
Girl's Plaid Werewolf Costume
Sale - 22% Made By Us
Women's Ruff and Tumble Werewolf
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Womens Plus Size Werebabe Costume
Sale - 9%
Women's Werewolf Coat Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Plus Size Werewolf Coat Costume for Women
Made By Us Exclusive
Premium Child Werewolf Costume
Clearance Made By Us
Infant Grey Werewolf Costume
Sale - 38%
Brown Werewolf Toddler Costume
Sale - 11% Made By Us
Women's Cozy Wolf Costume
Sale - 18%
Girl's Wee-Wolf Costume
Sale - 40%
Women's Wolf Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Toddler's Wolf Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Mens Full Moon Werewolf Costume
Sale - 25%
Child Brown Werewolf Costume
Sale - 10% Made By Us
Womens She-Wolf Costume
Adult Wolf Costume with Mouth Mover Mask
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Wolf Onesie Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Kids Fierce Werewolf Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Werebabe
Sale - 10%
Infant Tweeny Weeny Werewolf Costume
Sale - 33%
Plus Size Sexy Werewolf Costume
Sale - 13%
Adult Werewolf Costume-1
Made By Us Exclusive
Toddler Werewolf Costume-1
Sale - 17% Made By Us
Plus Size Werewolf Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Tween Werewolf Costume
Sale - 14%
Teen Full Moon Sass Werewolf Costume
Sale - 13% Exclusive
Womens Viscious werewolf
Sale - 50%
Kids Werewolf Costume
Deluxe Werewolf Costume
Sale - 10%
Sexy Werewolf Costume
Kids Wolf Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Wolf Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Child Black Gloves
Made By Us Exclusive
Plus Size Black Fishnet Stockings
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Adult Wolfman Mask-0
Clearance  - 40% Made By Us

Werewolves have been capturing our imaginations for thousands of years. Although, we're pretty sure they used to be scarier. Can you imagine having a fear of werewolves while there are actual wolves wandering near your neighborhood and there's no such thing as electric lights? Yikes! But these days, werewolf tales are a lot more fun. They're out there romancing humans, running with a pack, and enjoying nature. There's even one that plays basketball! Ready to step into the modern world of werewolf costumes? Read on and find out more about our wide selection for a range of ages, sizes, and styles!

While most lupine creatures are thought to be pretty rough and tumble, you'll find plenty of costumes for the most innocent members of your family. That's right, we're talking werewolf costumes for kids. A classic choice for trick-or-treaters everywhere, yet far from overdone. You'll find all sorts of different styles for young ones. Take our werewolf Halloween costumes for girls for instance. We're well aware that kids have particular tastes. A werewolf costumes girl might want a shaggy wolf mane and the classic torn plaid shirt or she might want something modern and chic! In that case, our Made By Us Werewolf dress would be just the thing. The perfect costume for a middle school Halloween dance, it has just the right amount of bite. 

If you're looking to create a costume for the whole family, a pack of werewolves is a great idea! Our werewolf Halloween costumes for kids can start with the youngest member of your family. That's right, baby's first Halloween can get a little wild, even if your little cub doesn't have any teeth yet. Every member of your family can embrace their own wolfy style or you can make sure everyone matches. Just imagine that family portrait! 

Kids that want to get really scary can dive right in. Our werewolf costumes for boys feature whole head masks that'll make your neighbors want to put ribeye steaks in your child's trick-or-treat bag rather than Tootsie Rolls! However, if you're looking for werewolf kid costumes that are school-friendly, you may want to look for one without a mask. Many of our werewolf costume ideas rely on a hood that your child can pull around their head without covering their face. Just draw on a few whiskers and your child will be ready to have a howling good time all day! 

Okay, here's the thing. We've talked about girls werewolf Halloween costumes and all sorts of trick-or-treating looks. But we all know that Halloween is for grown-ups too! Werewolf costumes for adults is a great way to let loose at your events this year! Whether you're heading to a club and want to wear something wild and sexy or you're looking to stay cozy in the faux fur of our werewolf costume accessories, you'll find what you need when scrolling through our selection!

Even those people who want to put together homemade werewolf costumes will find our catalog pretty hand. Sure, you can tear your own plaid shirt but we have what you need to add in those little details that matter. After all, we all know that scary werewolf costumes call for plenty of hair, claws, and maybe even some gnarly teeth. We have all those accessories and more to customize your look to the werewolf of your nightmares!

We've always enjoyed providing werewolf Halloween costumes to all sorts. From fans of the eighties movie, Teen Wolf to those who want to sneak around and scare their friends to families that need matching girl werewolf costumes as well as one for baby and the family dog. We've always made sure to include the whole pack. Don't wait for the next full moon. Go ahead and order your werewolf costumes today! Monster