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Adult Roaring 20s White Costume
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Women's Shimmer Flapper Costume
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Women's Dolled Up Flapper Costume
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Plus Size Women's Amethyst Flapper Costume
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Plus Size Women's Dolled Up Flapper Costume
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Plus Size Women's Crystal Flapper Costume
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Dapper Flapper Costume Women's
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1920's Socialite Womens Costume
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Men's White Suit Costume-1_Update
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Deluxe Black Plus Size Flapper Update3
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Deluxe Plus Size Gangster Costume_Update
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Plus Size Purple Fringe Flapper Dress update2
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Plus Size Black Jazz Flapper Costume
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Wide Stripe Plus Size Gangster Costume
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Deluxe Pin Stripe Gangster Suit
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Red Flapper Fashion Dress
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Plus Size Flapper Girl Costume
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Mens Black Suit Costume 1
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Women's Onyx Flapper Costume
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Black Fringe 1920's Flapper Costume Update1
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Men's Wide Pin Stripe Gangster Costume
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Deluxe Velvet Flapper Costume
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Red Plus Size Flapper Costume-update1
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Silver Plus Size Flapper Costume Dress
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Fringe Purple Flapper Costume Update Main
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Women's Amethyst Flapper Costume
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Women's Boardwalk Flapper Costume
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Women's 1920s Silver Flapper Costume
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Roaring 20's Plus Size Flapper Costume
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Plus Size Black Fishnet Stockings
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Inflatable Toy Gun
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Metal Deluxe Cigarette Holder Prop
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Tan Fedora
Flapper Makeup Kit
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Opaque Black Tights
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Gold Flapper Headband Update Main 2
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Womens Flapper Heels
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Faux Cigarettes Prop
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Lucille Flapper Heels
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Black Flapper Costume Gloves
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Bachelors Pipe Costume Accessory
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Elbow Length Red Gloves
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If you've read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald or seen one of the films inspired by the book and have fallen in love with characters' lifestyles of excess, their outrageous parties or their amazing fashion then you'll love this collection of Great Gatsby inspired costumes. Put on a glamourous 1920s dress or suit and you'll be ready to attend a fabulous party of your own!

Whether you thought the love story between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan was romantic, tragic, or irresponsible you can't deny that it made for an engaging story. So the next time you're invited to a roaring twenties event, don't just wear any vintage look, wear one that represents the best of the era! 

Our Great Gatsby outfits for men and women are just what you need to shine at any party. A suit just like Jay's or a bluebell dress just like Daisy's - you'll be turning heads with our Great Gatsby attire. Or create your own Gatsby costume with our accessories. Look authentic with a lace shawl or even feather boa. How To

Great Gatsby Halloween Costumes

The 20s were filled with new ideas, jazz music, and plenty of social intrigue. The world had just finished the nightmare that was World War I, and people were just looking to escape from the bleak events that had just occurred in human history. It was a world that F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald found themselves in the midst of during their earlier years. Women were discovering more independence, and they were breaking away from long-held tradition. Both Zelda and the flapper movement inspired much of F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing, and perhaps his best-known masterpiece comes in the form of a tale about a man named Jay Gatsby! Yes, The Great Gatsby has proven to be a modern-day classic, which showcases a man's downward journey to attain love in a socialite society. Even a century later, we're still engrossed in his work.

From the time of its publishing, back in 1925, The Great Gatsby has inspired many movies, plays, operas, and many more forms of media, including a certain made-for-television film starring Paul Rudd as Nick Carraway. (Look it up when you have some spare time.) We've even seen plenty of Great Gatsby parties thrown over the years! Well, we've sort of caught the bug too, which is why we have plenty of costumes that help you get into character. If you're trying to dress up like one of the many characters from the novel or from the film versions, then let us help you out. Our guide to Great Gatsby costume ideas is a great place to start if you want to transform into Jay Gatsby or Daisy Buchanan! Let's take a look at some of the great options to choose from.

Great Gatsby Movie Costumes

Of course, most people are familiar with the F. Scott Fitzgerald work due to the stylish 2013 movie by Baz Luhrmann. Famous for his retelling of the Medieval classic Romeo and Juliet, his fast-paced camera work really captures the hustle and bustle of the 20s. When people imagine Jay Gatsby, they often think of Leonardo DiCaprio's style from the film. He has many fancy outfits that he wears to impress the socialite society (and Daisy). We've gone ahead and compiled a few Great Gatsby movie costumes to help you look like him during some of those iconic scenes.

Tuxedo Gatsby Costume

Tuxedo Costumes

This is the look that we HAVE to start with! Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a tuxedo and holding a glass of champagne has become a popular meme…and it comes straight from the movie! All you need to recreate that iconic image. All you need is a tuxedo, some hairstyling gel to get your hair just right, and a champagne glass. We have a tuxedo costume that's a Made By Us exclusive, so you can get that high-class look without shelling out all of the money needed to get an actual suit. Get a friend to snap a photo and you can even craft some brand new memes in honor of Leo's classic meme.

White Suit Gatsby Costume

White Suit Costume

The other well-known Jay Gatsby comes in the form of his white suit. White suits have a timeless look that looked amazing back in the 1920s, and they still look fantastic today. Jay wore his white suit with a gold vest and other gold accents, probably in an attempt to show the world that he belonged with the wealthy social class. We think it worked, since Jay never looked more extravagant than when he donned this outfit. We have this white 20s style costume that makes for the perfect Jay Gatsby costume if you're trying to craft a look based on the movie.

Men's Great Gatsby Costumes

If you're not going for a specific look based on the 2013 film, then you have some added options. You can really use your imagination when crafting an outfit, and since Jay and Nick were real products of the 1920s, you can find inspiration in our selection of 20s style costumes. That means wearing a full suit and tie, since the rules for men's fashion dictated nothing less during most social settings. You can even take the characters to new levels, imagining some of the behind-the-scenes sort of looks that they may have worn.

Gangster Jay Gatsby Costume

Jay Gatsby Costumes

Spoiler alert! If you haven't read the book or seen any film adaptations, you might want to skip this section. In the story, we find out that Jay Gatsby isn't everything he seems to be. Although he tries to present the image of a socialite of class and prestige, the truth is a little grittier than he lets on. Gatsby didn't earn his money through familial wealth or inheritance. He filled his coffers by running liquor during prohibition. Although we don't get a full scope of what he had to do to earn his riches, we can assume that it involved some entanglement with gangsters and criminals. Was Jay rolling around town in a full gangster suit? You can embody Jay's potential style from his life of crime by wearing one of our gangster costumes!

Nick Carraway Costume

Great Gatsby Costumes Men

While the book centers around the life of Jay Gatsby, the book is told from the perspective of Nick Carraway, a young writer who finds himself embroiled in the socialite life. He's a Minnesota just like us—go Vikings...the football team, not the historical group of people—who has a unique take on everything going on around him. He's an open-minded individual who isn't quick to judge some of the scandalous behavior happening and even acts as an accomplice to the action. It's also speculated that Nick is how F. Scott Fitzgerald inserts himself into the novel, since the character seems to reflect some traits the F. Scott Fitzgerald had. One fun fact about the character is that Paul Rudd—Marvel's Ant-Man himself—played him in a 2000 version of the movie and could be spotted wearing something similar to this grey suit costume!

Great Gatsby Dresses

The women from The Great Gatsby encapsulate a variety of different feelings and ideals of the time. While all of them embrace the new flapper era, where women are freer than in previous generations, they are all still tethered by the hidden high society rules. Their lives become intertwined, despite each of them taking on very different views on the socialite lifestyle. Daisy, Jordan, and Myrtle are the most popular characters, and each one is an excellent choice for modeling your own outfit. Just check out some of our costumes that can be used as a Great Gatsby dress.

Daisy Buchanan Costume

Daisy Buchanan Costumes

Daisy Buchanan represents a lot about the culture of the 1920s. Much of her character was modeled after Zelda Fitzgerald and her relationship with F. Scott. You can see his own desire to move up in class to be with Zelda reflected in the action of Jay. In the novel, she struggles with social expectations, even though she leads the life of a flapper. Ultimately, she and Jay couldn't make their love work, and we won't go into the details of how things end for the couple…but it's not exactly the fairy tale kind of ending you see in storybooks. Daisy has an elegant style, so we recommend light tones when choosing a flapper dress to dress like her.

Jordan Baker Costume

Great Gatsby Dresses

Jordan Baker is Daisy's best friend. Her view of the world is slightly pragmatic and she does what it takes to keep her image intact. That can even mean stretching the truth. It also means dressing in absolutely lavish and show-stopping outfits. If you want to cultivate an outfit for a Jordan cosplay, then we recommend choosing one of our more extravagant flapper dresses. Whether that means a costume with a touch of 20s showgirl style or one of our women's costumes that uses sparkling rhinestones.

Myrtle Wilson Costume

Great Gatsby Costumes Women

Myrtle Wilson dreams of life beyond her humble upbringing. Unfortunately, it's this desire that gets her into an affair with Tom Buchanan. He brings her a taste of socialite life by bringing her gifts and letting her throw parties. Myrtle's style is all about trying to reach for the class above her own. To create your own Myrtle costume, we suggest something a little flashier. After all, her outfit should showcase her desire to break into the scene without having been born into it. Stick to bright colors that will make you stand out in the crowd, since she's really trying hard to carve a place for herself within the high society parties going on in New York.

Great Gatsby Flapper Costume

Great Gatsby Flapper Costumes

If you're not portraying one of the book characters but still want an outfit inspired by the era, then you might want to check out our selection of flapper costumes. We carry an array of Great Gatsby flapper costumes. Choose anything that fits your own style and you can feel like one of the many guests at Tom Buchanan's parties. Whether you want something classic or want to put a modern spin on the traditional flapper outfit, we really do have something that will suit your needs.

Great Gatsby Accessories

Clothes and apparel weren't the only things that had a huge shift during the time of The Great Gatsby. During every decade, style makes its way to hairstyles and accessories. We happen to think the folks from the 20s did a pretty good job, since bob cuts and finger wave styles still look cute today. Not every decade did as good of a job. Take the 80s, for instance! We really can't condone some wild things going on with hair in the 80s or the strange obsession with pet rocks. Anyways, when it comes to the 20s hairstyles, the one thing that all hair has in common is that it was quite a bit shorter than many of the popular styles before it. As for accessories, there were plenty of tiny ways for guys to accent their outfits when heading out for a night on the town. Keep reading for some of our best options for anyone looking to head to a socialite party in the 20s.

Daisy Wig

Short Blonde Wig

Each of the girls from The Great Gatsby represents a different take on the flapper. In Baz Luhrmann's film, you can even see it reflected in their hairstyles. Daisy is, in Jay Gatsby's mind, the ideal woman. She has playful blonde hair that has almost a hint of innocence in it. This women's wig helps you have the fabulous blonde hair of Daisy in just moments! No trip to the salon necessary.

Jordan Wig

Short Black Wig

Jordan is a bit shrewder than Daisy. She knows how to manipulate public opinion in her favor, even if that means stretching the truth a bit. She's a bit more of a mysterious yet no-nonsense kind of girl, and her sleek and straightforward bob cut offers a look that's simultaneously stylish and to the point, just like her. This flapper wig is an excellent choice for anyone modeling their look after Jordan.

Myrtle Wig

Short Orange Wig

Myrtle is fiery and full of life. Her character in the film has the brilliant red hair to match. Sometimes, it's the ones who aren't born into the lifestyle who shine the brightest! And despite her sad story, we think that she did her best to follow her own dreams. This red flapper wig gives you the same red hair, making it the perfect accessory for anyone looking to dress up like Myrtle.

Gentleman's Pipe

Smoking Pipe

Nothing says high class like a pipe! Or at least, that's what it seemed like back then, before we knew just how detrimental it can be for your health. We wouldn't recommend walking around puffing on an actual pipe, unless your host is okay with that. Instead, just use this gentlemen's pipe to create a sophisticated look with your Jay Gatsby outfit, and you can convince everyone that you belong in the socialite life! Monster