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Adult Clone Trooper Costumes

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You might not be a clone but nobody else has to know that! The clones that bred as the fighting force for the Grand Army of the Republic were kept in secret on Kamino. While they were patterned after one sole man, Jango Fett, they had certain characteristics modified to make them better soldiers.

With one of our Adult Clone Troopers you'll be able to suit up and slip right into the ranks without anyone knowing who you are. Then you can go on missions and fight to keep the Republic together... or you can just have a great night out with your best friends. Commanding a battalion at a convention would also be a great adventure!

Choose from our many different styles and sizes of Clone Trooper costumes. From our Episode III Clone Trooper costumes, to our Trooper Rex and Commander Cody costumes, we’ve got the best selection in the Galaxy!

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