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Halloween Spiders & Spider Web Decor

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There's nothing quite as effective at giving people the chills as fake spiders and Halloween spider web decorations. Whether turning your home into a haunted house, lawn into a graveyard, or looking for a way to jazz up some jack-o-lanterns, our selection of Halloween spider decorations has you covered. Create a perfectly spooky outdoor spider decoration or give your interior design a spider-worthy update by shopping our spider decorations!
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Black 20 inch Poseable Spider
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3 6 Ft Hanging Long Leg Spider Decoration
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Black Spider Prop
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Spooky Cloth
Small Pair of Spiders
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Halloween Pumpkins Table Runner Decoration
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Small Hairy Black Spider
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24 Baby Head Spider
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Floating Dropping Spider
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Skeleton Spider
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Skeleton Spider
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12 Larva Skull Spider Sac
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You already know you want to drape cotton spider web decorations on the front hedge. You know you'll let the kids scatter a few handfuls of fake spiders into those webs. And we feel safe assuming you'll hang any spare web décor in the corners of the porch and even the living room to ensure the Halloween spirit doesn't get forgotten outside.

But do you know which types of Halloween webs and spider decorations you'll choose to bring the classic scare to life? That's why you're here. It's time to find the perfect pack of plastic spiders and bags of spider webs for your Halloween decorating idea. And we're the best place to start your hunt!

Stick with us for the following overview of your full Halloween spider and spider web selection. We'll fill you in about the variety of webs and creepy-crawlies we have in-store and hopefully inspire a few more spine-tingling decoration ideas for you to employ!

Let's start with the essentials: Halloween spider webs! For easy and versatile webbing, you can't go wrong with classic white. With options available that'll stretch up to 400 square feet, you may find yourself looking for ways to utilize the cotton webs throughout your home and garden. The natural look of the simple white web is enough to create a convincingly haunted room or front yard cemetery.

But if you're looking to up the ante, make it wacky, or add some whimsy, you'll find colored webs as well! Try purple for something playful and glow in the dark to transform the dining room floor into a spooktacular Halloween dance hall!

Now, these webs can fill your home, lawn, or trees without spiders getting involved. But you know those eight-legged critters elevate the fear factor. So, if you want to make your Halloween décor cause skin to crawl, don't forget to welcome one, two, or even 100 big or little spiders into your home!

We've got gigantic 4-foot fiends with glowing abdomens waiting to haunt your yard. But there are also pint-sized furry spiders that would love to serve as a creepy-cute detail in a centerpiece. Try spider-shaped string lights for a kid-friendly spider-inclusion. Or offer a space on the porch to an animatronic jumping spider that'll make any arachnophobe leap out of their skin. From delicate decorative glass spiders to truly terrifying specimens, we've got them all!

Thinking just a hint of spider décor is what you need? Try a spooky chic pumpkin decorated with the little crawlers. Set on spider web doilies or a lacey spider web tablecloth, the could-be frightening decoration is the height of social media-ready Halloween aesthetics! But the same can be said about spider web door curtains and vintage-styled candelabras covered in metal webs and spiders. Both would look amazing in your home and Dracula's haunted hallways!

From spider nest decorations that make even us squirm to sparkling spider Halloween decorations that the biggest arachnophobe in the office wants to use, our selection offers something for everyone and every style! Discover the right ones for you and yours today! Monster