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Wizard of Oz Costumes

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Grab your little dog and start hightailing it down the yellow brick road as fast as those ruby slippers will allow because there's a wicked witch that is after you! It's best that you bring some friends with you so you're not going to see the wizard all by yourself with your tiny pup. The singing munchkins are good company but they can't offer you any real protection, so maybe you should pick up the Tin Man. The Tin Man is also trying to make his way to see the Wizard because he is in need of a heart and you should keep an eye out for Scarecrow because he would like to ask for a brain. The Cowardly Lion is on a hunt for courage and it would be nice to have a lion walking with you, maybe to help intimidate those pesky flying monkeys! Grab ahold of your new friends and start skipping down to Emerald City because Auntie Em is worried sick about you and you need to get home! 

So are you ready to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz? In Oz, the magical world of munchkins and the infamous yellow brick road, it might be hard to get the attention of the great and powerful one if you go to Oz just wearing regular civilian clothes. You are going to need to dress up! We can help you out with that! We have a vast assortment of Wizard of Oz costumes. We have everything you want from Dorothy Costumes to Munchkin costumes; you can be a member of the Lollipop Guild! These costumes are perfect for a group theme! 

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