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Wolf Costumes

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Wolf costumes are great on their own, or as part of a group costume. Create the best couples costume around when you add a wolf to your Game of Thrones costume, or have your wolf wear a nightgown so he can trick Little Red Riding Hood. If you have a larger group you can have three little pigs and a big, bad wolf costume too! There really is no wrong way to be a wolf for Halloween.
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Grey Wolf Costume Women's
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Costume Women's Wolf Plus Size
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Women's Wolf Costume
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Mens Woodsy Bad Wolf Costume
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Men's Sexy Wolf Costume
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Women's Ruff and Tumble Werewolf
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Ruff and Tumble Werewolf Women's Plus Size
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Adult Wolf Costume with Mouth Mover Mask
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Women's Cozy Wolf Costume
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Adult Wolf Jawesome Costume
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Womens Plus Size Black Wolf Costume
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Women's Black Wolf Costume
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Red Riding Hood and Baby Wolf Costume
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Adult Big Bad Wolf Costume
Adult Werewolf Costume-1
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Plus Size Werewolf Costume
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Womens Black Patent Bodysuit
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Deluxe Werewolf Costume
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Adult Wolf Costume
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Sexy Werewolf Costume
Pastease Silver Holographic X Pasties
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Women's Werewolf Coat Costume
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Plus Big Bad Wolf Costume
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Women's Wolf Cub Costume
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Adult Wolf Onesie Costume
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Plush Storybook Wolf Costume
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Could it be, that we're about to add one more wolf to our wolf pack?

There are plenty of reasons to dress like a wolf at your next party. Maybe you read White Fang when you were younger and you've been fascinated by wolves ever since, or maybe you watched Silver Bullet one too many times. Perhaps you were entranced by the direwolves in Game of Thrones. Maybe, you just think they're cool. We've got the style to fit any wolf-based dream you got tumbling around in your head.

Some wolves hunt in packs, while others go the lone wolf path. Whichever one you are, you can find your wolf Halloween costume here. If you're the kind of hunter who trails Little Red Riding Hood as she skips through the woods, you can suit up in one of our Big Bad Wolf costumes. Women who feel like getting wild can lead the pack in one of our sexy wolf looks, while our kids selection provides plenty of child wolf costumes for the young pup in your pack.

Your little one will be howlin' for the perfect wolf Halloween costume! Monster