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Women's Blonde Medieval Beauty Wig

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Women's Blonde Medieval Beauty Wig
Women's Blonde Medieval Beauty Wig
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  • Wig
  • Synthetic fiber wig with braid

We feel like we have so much untapped potential. We should’ve been born in Medieval times, back when everyone carried around giant turkey legs and fought dragons with swords the size of truck axles. And how come the only potions you can buy these days don’t do anything but make it illegal for you to drive a car when you drink them? And the hair, don’t get us started about the hair. Back in the Medieval days, everyone had beautiful, long, flowing hair, always in radiant colors, glistening in the sun. We want it!

Well, those good old are never coming back. Everyone knows the wizards banished all the dragons because they wouldn’t stop fire breathing at their houses late at night. And you can only get giant turkey legs at the fair. At least we still have the hair thanks to our Blonde Medieval Beauty Wig, though. Put this light, durable, lovely wig on and you’ll look just like a dragon trainer, potion brewer, or any number of other much more awesome things in an instant!

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