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Bear Costumes

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Every bear in pop culture is one laid back character. Winnie the Pooh, Baloo and even Yogi have a happy-go-lucky attitude that they share with their friends. Maybe that’s why you’re drawn to the big furry creatures, or maybe you just like the idea of living in the forest and eating honey and berries. Maybe you want to head to the rivers of Alaska, waiting to catch a salmon in your mouth like a real grizzly. Whatever the case is, we have a look to suit your needs.

Is your kid looking to give Goldilocks a scolding because she ate all his porridge? We’ve got a selection of kids bear costumes that will let him do that. Or maybe you’re the kind of girl who likes to head to a bear’s cave and sit in his chair. Then you probably ARE Goldilocks and you just need to get your own fairytale dress. Have an abnormal obsession with eating bamboo shoots? Then you’re probably going to feel right at home wearing a panda outfit, while chilling in the middle of the forest. If you like it ice cold, then you could be a polar bear who just hasn’t found his fur yet. In that case, we have a few furry costumes you could try on to make you feel at home in the North Pole.