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Easter is the most important celebration of the year for most Christians. It commemorates Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead to absolve humans of original sin. (What? you mean it's more important than Christmas? Yes. It's true that if Jesus hadn't been born he couldn't have done anything else. But if he hadn't died and been resurrected, there wouldn't be any reason to remember or care that he was born.)


Over the two millennia since the event it celebrates, many different Easter customs have arisen. One of the most common Western customs is that of Easter eggs, delivered by the Easter Bunny. Eggs symbolize new life, and are dyed in bright colors for joy. For early Christians, eggs were forbidden food during the 40 penitential days of Lent before Easter.  (A few modern Christians in some parts of the world still observe this.) On Easter they are once again allowed, and churches in some places bless them.


So where does the Easter Bunny come in? Rabbits don't lay eggs, chickens do! The Easter Bunny is a tradition older than Christianity. To pre-Christian pagans, rabbits were a fertility symbol. When the first Christians couldn't stamp out the rabbit symbol, they adopted it and re-purposed it. Along with eggs, lambs and baby chicks, the bunny also symbolizes new life.


We have Easter costumes for bunnies, lambs and chicks, in sizes from infant through adult plus. We also have biblical costumes if you're staging a Passion Play. Whether your Easter celebration is religious, secular or both, we can help make it more fun! 

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