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Emperor Palpatine Costumes

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Emperor Palpatine is the go-to bad guy in the Star Wars Galaxy. Maybe that's because he's the supreme commander of Galactic Empire, the no-holds-barred force that rules the Galaxy by terror. Or maybe it's because he is the ultimate Sith lord, wielding command of incomprehensible dark powers. Either way we think it's a great character to portray so we have some top notch choices for you.

While we only get a sneak peak of the Emperor in the Empire Strikes Back, we finally meet the penultimate villain in Return of the Jedi. Then we learn of his secret plans to over through the Alliance to Restore the Republic and convert a young Luke Skywalker to the dark side. Unfortunately his own plans are foiled when his own apprentice, good ol Mr. Darth Vader throws him down a very deep Death Star shaft.

We learn a great deal more about Palpatine in the prequel trilogy, as he is a central character and we learn of the grand strategy he orchestrates to allow for his Empirical plans to come to fruition. If you are ready to become the epic villain for your upcoming event, look no further than our Emperor Palpatine Costume selections. We've got two great versions of his disfigured look from Revenge of the Sith. We've also got a couple great Palpatine masks that pair easily with a black robe to emulate his classic look from Return of the Jedi. Grab one of these costumes and start your planning!