Halloween Decor Props

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When it's time to decorate for Halloween there are some go-to scary Halloween props that should be in every Halloween enthusiasts' collection. Whether you'd like to create a spooky laboratory, a graveyard scene, or even a UFO crash landing zone, you're definitely going to want some Halloween props to complete the effect. Our selection of scary props is the perfect way to complete your scary Halloween scene!
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Ghost Face Prop-update
Sale - 13% Exclusive
39'' Cobra Skeleton
Sale - 13%
Animated Moving Books
Sale - 14%
Deluxe Realistic Skull
5 Ft Animated Light Up Reaper Prop
Made By Us Exclusive
7" Gold Skeleton Dragon
72in Cocoon Corpse
Black Spider Prop
Made By Us Exclusive
3 Ft Hanging Female Ghost Prop-1-0
Made By Us Exclusive
3 5ft Hanging Phantom Girl
Made By Us Exclusive
5 Ft Posable Skeleton
Made By Us Exclusive
21 Inch Animated Skeleton Tombstone
Made By Us Exclusive
Skull Garland Prop
Made By Us Exclusive
Animated Bloody Body Prop
Sale - 15%
2 8 Ft Animated Hanging Evil Clown
Made By Us Exclusive
Large Open Eye Cut Off Head
Sale - 17%
18 Large Light Up Owl Prop
Sale - 23% Made By Us Exclusive
Bones the Hungry Hound Skeleton Dog
Sale - 17%
Gothic Vampire Head
Deluxe Rat In Trap w/Motion
Sale - 17%
Frankenstein Monster Treat Bowl_Update
Sale - 32%
Spider Web with Spiders
Sale - 25%
24" Skeleton Dragon Prop
Sale - 20%
Hanging Flame Light
Medium Hairy Black Spider
Sale - 27%

Set the scene for your next spooky event with our collection of scary Halloween Props for sale. From posable skeletons to rats and brewing black cauldrons, these Halloween Props are sure to add extra detail to your terrifying party theme. Since Halloween is all about tricking (and treating), play the perfect prank when you strategically place a scary prop to surprise a friend. Make any party or Halloween decor come alive with one of these great props! Your Haunted Home will be the talk of the town when you use our life-sized Halloween Props!