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The Demon, Spaceman, Catman, and Star Child, the four most legendary figures in world history, rising above the lame, boring music of old, ushering a new age of rock and roll with fire and blazing guitar solos. And while you might never be able to make rock history like the members of KISS did, you can at least act out your rock fantasies by transforming yourself into one of the iconic band members with any of our licensed KISS costumes.
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KISS The Catman Costume
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KISS Spaceman Costume
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Authentic Spaceman Costume
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Authentic Paul Stanley Costume
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Authentic Gene Simmons Demon Costume
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KISS Demon Boots
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KISS Spaceman Boots
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Boots KISS Catman
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KISS Starchild Boots
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Kiss Makeup Kit
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Catman KISS Wig
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KISS Starchild Wig
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KISS Demon Wig
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KISS Spaceman Wig
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Do you like music that really leaves an impression? If so, you have to be in love with KISS. They’re crazy famous for iconic face paint and everything from fire breathing and spitting blood to music that’d make a guitar smoke! Their name is styled in capital letters as KISS is to be seen everywhere. The members of KISS include Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, and Ace Freshley. It’s time for you to put on a KISS costume with some face paint mark a moment as grand as KISS on their Gold album milestone.  

The only thing better than loving their music is transforming with our great range of licensed KISS costumes. Our adult KISS Demon Deluxe, KISS Catman Deluxe, and Spaceman, and Starchild are all here! Do you have a favorite of the four? Well, if you’re going as a group, you may have to act fast as this top KISS costume before your friend nabs the best. Add some wigs to your costume with rhinestones to boot and you’ll have the appearance of KISS in a snap. Add some guitar accessories and you’ll be able to treat fans to some bold new costumed performances, too. Because, obviously, dressing up in a deluxe Gene Simmons KISS the Demon costume to put on a show? Well, that is the right place for KISS costumes of every size and shape!  

Take a look through our category for facts about KISS costumes and get ready to hop on stage in a sexy KISS Demon costume so you can join KISS as a full member! After all, the only thing that is expected by KISS is some pretty fantastic looks and a fun time. Monster