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Terrorize your neighborhood in a Michael Myers costume. Featuring the infamous auto mechanic jumpsuit and seriously creepy mask, there's officially licensed costumes for men and children to elicit bloodcurdling screams. Real horror fans will appreciate the Rob Zombie-version of the Michael Myers Halloween costume. Don't forget a creepy Michael Myers mask and butcher knife prop to complete the look!
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Halloween Michael Myers Adult Costume
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Adult Michael Myers Classic Costume
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Child Michael Myers Classic Costume
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Rob Zombie Halloween Michael Myers Kids Costume
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Halloween (2018) Adult Michael Myers Coveralls
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Blue Mechanic Coveralls Costume
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Halloween Kills Adult Coveralls
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Halloween Kills Child Coveralls
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Killer Knife Purse
Bloody Butcher Cleaver Prop Weapon
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Knife Injury Headband Main UPD
Made By Us Exclusive
Halloween 2 Michael Myers Mask
Sale - 29%
Halloween Ends Michael Myers Mask
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Adult Michael Myers Slippers
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Adult Tokyo Mike Graphic T Shirt
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Blood Tears Halloween II Update
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Licensed Halloween II Economy Mask
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Bloody Knife
Michael Myers Halloween Candy Bowl Holder
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Made By Us Exclusive
Latex Screwed Up Accessory
Out of Stock
Self-Adhering 7-Piece Wound Set_Update

Since 1978, Michael Myers has been terrorizing us, killing anyone in his path while pursuing his chosen victims. He is known for his pale mask, his dark overalls, and for wielding his large kitchen knife in attacks. He is often described as pure evil. This is a character who cannot be easily explained, who is just bad and for unknown reasons seems to have superhuman qualities.

Besides wearing a Michael Myers costume, in order to be the character successfully, you need to resist the urge to talk. In all of the Halloween movies, this character never spoke. He quietly pursued his targets, taking out bystanders, without saying a single word. This made it all the more difficult to understand what his motives were, and made him extra terrifying.

People can't help being afraid of the blank face of this infamous killer, which is why you'll want to choose a good Michael Myers mask to complete your costume. The mask alone is really enough to creep people out, imagine lying in wait in a dark room and surprising an unsuspecting visitor! If scaring people is your idea of a good time, you can't go wrong walking in the shoes of this slasher film icon. Monster