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The turning of the calendar to a new year is the one holiday that is celebrated almost universally, regardless of religious belief or lack of it. In some parts of Asia where the lunar new year is celebrated, it is more prominent than the calendar year. But the calendar year change is still celebrated. Only one country, Saudi Arabia, bans New Year celebrations. In former Communist countries where the celebration of Christmas was banned, New Year celebrations filled that void.

New Year celebrations range from huge public spectacles such as fireworks displays and New York City's ball-drop in Times Squar, to family parties in private homes. Specific customs and traditions vary with culture, but almost everyone stays up until midnight (in their own local time zone) to watch the clock strike twelve to end the old year and flip the calendar to begin the new.

Clothing and costumes for New Year celebrations range from formal to wacky. People portray Father Time and the New Year Baby. They wear silly hats and glasses shaped like the digits of the new year. Some have theme parties such as 1920s or 1950s. Most drink a toast to family, friends and the new year, with champagne or some other festive drink. In the southern U.S., a new year's meal must include black-eyed peas for good luck.

No matter how you choose to celebrate New Year's Eve, we can help! Whether you're planning a 1920s theme party, or want to dress as the New Year Baby, we have a costume for you. We also have tuxedos, for a formal event. Glitzy makeup and sparkly hats. Feather boas. Pretty much anything you need. Now you just need to figure out what "auld lang syne" really means!