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Kids' imaginations are endless and sometimes their favorite shows have a little bit to do with that. Your kiddo can dress up as the characters of their favorite shows and fight crime in any one of our PJ Masks Halloween costumes! Don't worry parents we didn't forget about you, there are Adult PJ Masks costumes so you can join the fun too!
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Toddler PJ Masks Owlette Deluxe Light Up Costume
Sale - 10%
PJ Masks Womens Owlette Classic Costume
Sale - 10%
PJ Masks Catboy Adaptive Costume
Sale - 42%
PJ Masks Kids Catboy Deluxe Light Up Costume
Sale - 50%
PJ Masks Girls Luna Girl Deluxe Costume
Sale - 22% Exclusive
PJ Masks Kids Gekko Deluxe Light Up Costume
Sale - 40%
Deluxe PJ Masks Gecko Costume_Update
Sale - 10%
Deluxe PJ Masks Cat Boy Costume_Update
Sale - 22%
Deluxe PJ Masks Owlette Costume 1_Update
Sale - 11%
PJ Masks Classic Owlette Toddler Costume
Sale - 17%
PJ Masks Catboy Power Up Accessory
Clearance  - 80%
PJ Masks Projector Flashlight
Out of Stock

So your kiddo wants to fight crime and save the day huh? Well, we think that's a great idea! However, they should be prepared first! Have they watched enough PJ Masks to know the proper moves? Is your little girl ready to drive the owl glider when she wears a PJ Masks Owlette costume? Are your little guy's ears trained enough to hear evil miles away when he suits up in a PJ Masks Catboy costume? Are we asking too many questions? Probably, we know your kiddos will crush any mission thrown their way...and if they don't...well at least they look cute doing it!

Maybe being the hero sounds like too much work, creating mischief could be a better and more fun fit. Let the roles reverse and create some mischief of your own! Unite your kiddos against evil, A.K.A you, when you dress up in a Romeo PJ Masks Costume! Monster