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Pope Costumes

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So unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the Pope is kinda sorta a big deal. Pope Francis has been circling the globe reinvigorating interest in the papacy, so what better time to try out a Pope costume than the present? We have Pope costumes for men that will let any guy become the head of the Catholic Church without even having to go through a Papal conclave! Grab a costume cross accessory, and make sure you have a big hat. (Popes always have a big hat!) Just don't forget to include your four legged friend in on the Papal fun. Our Holy Hound Pet Costume will let any pet become an instant religious figure. (Do yourself a favor and check out #popedog on Instagram if you don't believe us!) Grab any of our men's Pope costumes to make sure your next event is a rock 'n rolling religious good time!