Star Trek Costumes

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You better start brushing up on your Klingon if you want to serve in the Starfleet! If you are a certified 'trekkie' you are going to love our cool Star Trek costumes! I'm sure you've dreamed about  being a part of the United Federation of Planets and now here is your chance to at least look like you belong in outer space!  

You can choose to be Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, or Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy by choosing from our Command Uniform t-shirts. Star Trekk has spawned many series and movies because of the shows popularity and cult status. Star Trek resulted in 726 episodes that ran across 30 seasons of the TV obviously making it a very cherished show, so you know many will love your costume as well! Have fun becoming a member of the USS Enterprise crew this Halloween with our collection of Star Trek costumes! Get a men's Star Trek costume or even find female Star Trek costumes at great prices. Add a Spock wig to one of these Star Trek Halloween costumes for a look straight out of the movies!