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Cuphead The Devil Knit Scarf
Sale - 60%
Patronus Glow Knit Scarf
Sale - 30%
Cuphead Mugman Straw Knit Scarf
Sale - 70%
Cactus Knit Slouch Beanie
Sale - 20%
Moose Hat
Coming Soon

Moose Hat

Minions Laplander Hat
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Santa Hat with Beard
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Christmas Hood with Scarf
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They say that most of the heat leaving your body escapes from your head. We have no idea if that's true... we're not some kind of body heat scientists here at But that doesn't mean we don't have a whole lot of thoughts and feelings on the matter! We're always on the 'better safe than sorry' side of things and that's only ONE of the very good reasons why you would wear one of our attractive stocking hats. They're fun, comfortable, cozy, and will pool all that wonderful heat escaping your head and push it back down into your body. That is, at least, how we assume the whole wearing a hat thing works. Wait, we haven't even mentioned the scarves yet! They are also quite excellent.