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Bow ties aren't just for Orville Redenbacher and the red carpet anymore! These days, you can catch everyone from Pharrell and Justin Timberlake, to your beloved Doctor wearing one. Bow ties are cool. It's just as plain and simple as that. They work for formal fashion, geek chic and traveling through the fabric of space and time. That's just how they work.

Regular ties, on the other hand, are mostly for wizards. Has anyone else aside from us noticed that all the kids at Hogwarts wears a necktie and are somehow able to cast every sort of magical spell and enchantment? We think it's all in the tie.

Whether you think they're magical, high fashion or just plain cool, we've gathered tons of ties and bow ties, so you can complete your ensemble outfit. Bow ties for special occasions, bow ties for not-so-special occasions, as well as bolo ties, Mad Hatter ties and more—they're all here for your costuming needs!