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Bible Flask
Dragon Cane
Adult Black Knee Length Crinoline
Made By Us Exclusive


Medusa Wig

Medusa Wig

Plus Size Black Knee Length Crinoline
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Transylvania Wig
Made By Us Exclusive
Vampire Wig

Okay, you've picked a good vampire costume. Now turn it into a great one with accessories! No matter what character or era you want to portray, we can help you make it real. First, get the hair--we have wigs for women, for men, and for kids in several different styles. Then get the fangs. And one of our easy-to-use vampire makeup kits. The rest of the accessories you choose will depend on your character.  

For a historic vampire character, you'll want a few classy, aristocratic touches. A medallion, a cane, some Gothic-style jewelry. If the costume you've chosen doesn't come with one, you'll want to add a cape. It's vital to being able to quickly disappear after biting your victims. Oh, and fake blood. You are a vampire, after all!  

A "newborn" vampire has red eyes and a healing wound. If your vampire character is "new", you'll want red contact lenses for the red-eye look, and a prosthetic bite wound on your neck. You may also have a deeper urge for blood than an older vampire.  

Modern vampires may want to blend in, especially if they're partying with humans. In that case, you might want a wig that makes you look like a certain movie heartthrob. 

The rest is up to you--act the part and charm your "victims" into doing your will! If you're an old vampire, adopt customs and manners from the time and place of your vampire birth. A new vampire can go a bit wild--you haven't learned to control your impulses yet. Your great look will give you a good start, but if you throw yourself into the role you'll have even more fun!